clip no. 378

06.09.2019Cindy Shine und Katy RoseBalloon, Lesbian
  • 62:23 Minuten
  • 4K

Katy Rose and Cindy Shine start off with a Qualatex 16" balloon race. After a winner is found, they start to share a balloon while they undress slowly. Once the girls are almost naked (except her sexy white socks) they start to kiss and play with each others pussy. They bounce and grind on so many balloons until they start to introduce some kinky toys. They pleasure their pussys to climax and some balloons pop by accident. After nearly one hour of joyfull balloon play, no more time is left, so they girls have to clean up the place pretty fast. All ballons get popped by her fingernails and High heels. Except one last special balloon.

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