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clip no. 343

2019-08-02Karol Lilien and Lovita FateBalloon, Lesbian
  • 49:27 minutes
  • 4K

Here's a little storyline. Lovita is sitting in her room filling balloons with her electric pump. But after inflating a couple of balloons, she starts to think of her room mate Karol. Does she love balloons too? Let's find out. Lovita is sneaking into her room as Karol is still napping. Lovita start to kiss her softly and Karol is waking up. Lovita is showing her the balloon she brought with her and both girls start to blow it up in turns. After the balloon has popped, Lovita takes Karol by the hand and they walk back in Lovitas balloons filled room. Now the lesbo-pussy-kissing-balloon-popping madness begins...