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clip no. 394

2019-11-29Cindy ShineBalloon, Stockings, Teen
  • 22:51 minutes
  • 4K

Cindy Shine wants to spend some quality time with a translucent BelBal 14" balloon. She's wearing fishnets and sexy lingerie while she starts to blow up the balloon the first time. Once the balloon got a nice thick neck, she lets the air out and takes her bra off. She starts to blow up the balloon a second time and you can already see some moisture in the balloon. But that's not enough. She lets the air out a second time and takes her panty off. When she inflates the balloon a third time, it get's really wet inside, just by her breaths. No extra spit is added. Finally she's riding the balloon down under her bare pussy.

Tags: nonpop
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